The 5 most important metrics to measure your marketing campaigns

Return on investment (ROI) 1) Income We all love knowing that our social posts have lots of likes or that our website is generating. Thousands of visits daily, but is this rewarding you in any way. Many companies make the mistake of believing that interaction.The 5 most important metrics to measure your marketing campaigns is synonymous. with conversion and, unfortunately, this is not the case. Therefore, it is vital to measure the income that your marketing efforts are generating. Otherwise, how can you ensure that your performance and results. Are what you expect? Your campaign may be amazing, but if it’s not generating. Revenue, then it’s a sign that something is wrong. Measuring your campaign by revenue gives you an objective view of your true. Performance and allows you to justify your investment in certain channels and make better decisions.

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This way you will have an idea of ​​how much money is coming .The 5 most important metrics to measure your marketing campaigns out of your business and how much is coming in from your campaign. 2) Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) The Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) metric helps. You measure, as the name indicates Country Email List the value of your customers. This metric is  on how much a customer spends at your business on average each time they purchase. Likewise, it measures purchase frequency and your time as a customer. I share a simple step by step so you know how to calculate this metric. The first thing you should do is calculate the purchase value of your customers by dividing. The total amount of income during a year. By the number of purchases during that same period. It then calculates the average purchase frequency rate by dividing. The number of previous purchases by the number of individual. 

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Next, calculate customer value by multiplying the average purchase value (the result of step 1) by the average. purchase frequency rate (the result of step 2). Once this is done, calculate the average customer lifetime. The result will give you a clear idea of  1000 Mobile Phone Numbers whether  your strategy is giving. You the results or is costing more than it gives you. 4) Cost per lead (CPL) This metric to measure your marketing campaigns is similar to the CAC metric. To do this, I recommend monitoring your cash flow and understanding it 100%. This is the average number of years. The 5 most important metrics to measure your marketing campaigns this customer has been buying from you. Finally, calculate the CLTV by multiplying. The customer value (the result of step 3) by the average customer lifetime (the result of step 4). 

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