What are the people in the company

Today I receiv a very nice consultant who offer me the services of a colleague on “wellbeing” (sic) activities. Which are “so popular”. In the course of the conversation. He also made me observe. How profoundly the criteria for consideration of employees have change after. The passing of the trumpeter virus and its pandemic cohort. How people have gone from being a number to enjoying recognition. individual for more pleasant data. And I have smile, applying a resource of active listening. I have built my relationship of monitoring and attention with him. Although inside me the spring of cynicism was triggere when. I thought that – sometimes – people management is very similar to a bazaar of intellectual. 

Response models are as diverse

We will never find the true answer – yes, the literary one – on corporate websites, on intranets. In company metaverses, in the merchandising. That decorates work spaces,… In many cases. It will be enough to smoke a cigarette or -more C Level Executive List healthy- eating an apple at the entrance doors of an organization. To perceive evident signs of the real system that prevails, behind close doors. And I won’t tell you anything if we choose to take a trip by AVE. Plane with some attentive listening. The passengers in the previous seat! Each organization has a deep-roote belief, real, daily, observable and expresse in behaviors, about what the people are like within its physical, legal, digital and disciplinary walls.

It is usually shown in its crude

Clothing in small details of the selection, reception, reward. Disengagement processes and in the environment close to senior 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers management, but there are many simpler, instruments for identifying the model. Do you consider that people are essentially. Idiots who earn more than they deserve by warming their chairs. Even those in their homes. While they seek to expand their rights and limit their duties and not focus on. What is offere to them as a goal by those who truly think? The system will reduce people to the category of employees and will base all its relationships on a dominant hierarchy. Permanently sabotag – without violence, calmly – by the conscious mediocrity of wound human beings.

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