Development of a custom TMS system for a logistics company

Despite the predictability of internal processes in logistics and transport companies. There are no ready-made solutions that can fully satisfy the requirements of their owners and the needs of employees. Indeed, TMS existing on the market often either do not fully cover work processes or. With their excessive functionality. Only complicate the work of company employees. This factor was the main reason why a US-based trucking company contacted. Wezom in need of custom develop mentto provide up-to-date information. About gas stations along the route of drivers and, in particular, about fuel prices. It was assumed that thanks to this service the client would be able to reduce the cost of fuel for trucks. Who is our client? Our client is a successful transport company from the. USA with experienced drivers and well-established work processes. Although the company regularly expands its workforce. At a certain point it became necessary to automate some tasks to save money.

Who is our client?

In particular, the company decided to visualize the route of its drivers through a custom digital product and provide them with the opportunity Phone Number List to plan their route in such a way as to refuel at gas stations with cheap fuel. What was the task? In particular, the company’s drivers, moving along a pre-planned route, chose oncoming gas stations, without focusing on the price of fuel and its reserve in the tank. It is often better to travel to system for distant stations with more reasonable prices. This factor could be optimized with a solution that tells drivers. In real time where and at what price they can fill up their tank. That is why the client decided to contact us to create such a service, because there are no analogues on the market yet. When we started working on the project, the first challenge we faced was the problem of finding ready-made solutions that display the location of gas stations with fuel prices.

What was the system for task?

The fact is that the vast majority of them were not adapted for widespread use, did not have developed APIs, or asked 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers end users to fulfill some specific requirements, which made them unsuitable as the basis for our custom solution. After a long search, we settled on the Barchart system as the optimal third-party service for integration . Integration with two other services, Samsara and Road Star, was also implemented. They allow you to receive the current coordinates of the driver and information about the truck. Another challenge that we had to overcome was the urgency of implementing this project, taking into account all the wishes, needs and budget of the client. 

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