The rise of the nutrition industry: challenge for

The packaging industry is increasingly affected by the global consumer trend towards health care. This growth is encouraging packagers, designers and manufacturers to focus on optimized nutritional packaging designs . According to Innova Market Insights , nutraceutical product launches tripled between and . Meanwhile, Europe had the highest number of nutraceutical launches in this period, accounting for 42% of the market share. The top subcategory was sports powders, followed by botanical and herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, sports bars, hair, skin and nails. In addition, supplement launches.

Demand for packaging for

worldwide present an average annual growth of 16% when comparing the launches of and, notes the market researcher. Bottles were the leading packaging format Job Function Email Database amonsupplements tracked in. Nutritional packaging must keep the product it contains fresh and airtight to maximize its shelf life. Photo: Freepik Data from Innova Market Insights indicates that plastic (78%) was the leading packaging material among supplements tracked in . The top sustainability-related claims among global supplement product launches were: Recyclableycled materials Compostable ecialists from the consulting firm highlight that.

Labeling trends

There is a growing demand for environmentally friendly nutritional packaging. Well, there are brands that hope the use of paper   fibers in nutritional packaging will continue. Therefore, support is provided to brands that undergo the conversion process to make their packaging more sustainable. The majority of the 1000mobilephonenumbers nutritional segment currently uses plastic packaging, which contributes to single-use plastic waste, and has a shorter shelf life. In this sense, one option is metal containers , as they are considered infinitely recyclable, and their natural properties prolong the useful life of the contents. Be sure.

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